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The herbal smoke we offer is 100% legal!
We do not sell any product that contains tobacco, synthetics, or any other illegal substance.

At Herbalsmokecafe.com we offer legal herbal smoke products. Herbal Smoke Cafe's herbs and blends are internationally known because they represent the highest commitment to quality in the world. If you have any questions about our smoke shop or any of our products or services, please feel free to contact Herbal Smoke Cafe. Also, check out what others have said at our Herbal Smoke Review page – you’ll find some great comments there! If you enjoy our herbal smokes and accessories – and we believe you will, please tell your friends and family. We’d love to hear from them as well! Thank you for stopping by our smoke shop - we look forward to hearing from you soon! If you have any questions, call Herbal Smoke Cafe' at 765-760-7196!

Our Newest Herbal Blend Fluffy Puff Herbal Smoke!

Fluffy Puff is a great tasting, smooth and relaxing herbal smoke. This Mugwort-Mullein blend is hand rubbed for fluffy texture, which makes it easy to pack in a pipe or your favorite rolling papers. The smoothness is out of this world and the effects are downright relaxing! Remember, there are no added chemicals that will give you a head change, such as JWH-073 & JWH-018. Fluffy Puff is all natural and if you are a member of the community of herbal smokers, you will think Fluffy Puff is absolutely incredible!

Click here to add one full ounce (28 grams) of Fluffy Puff herbal smoke to your basket!

Our Featured Legal Herbal Smoke!

Amsterdam Dreams is Herbal Smoke Cafe's featured herbal smoke. This mixture has moved its way up to being our NUMBER ONE legal herbal smoke blend! What a great aroma this blend has! It has a scent that can send you to heaven! We've updated this herbal recipe to absolute perfection! Amsterdam Dreams can be quite uplifting and will bring you right where you need to be! Make sure when you toke Amsterdam Dreams that you're ready to be put in a better mood. Also make sure that you have no place to go after you light up because you're going to want to chill out and take it all in.

Find out more about Herbal Smoke Cafe's Exotic Herbal Smokes and grab some Amsterdam Dreams. You'll be happy you did!


NEW at the Cafe' - The Total Package!

Herbal Smoke Cafe' cafe' is now offering all of its amazing herbal blends in one herbal smoke bundle for a very low price! You get 1/4 oz. (7 grams) each of: Cherry Puff, Malibu Red, Karma Smoke, Zone, North, Carmellow Smoke, Wild Eskimo, Mucho Green, Cool Burn, Blueberry Blaze days, Smokah, Toke It Eazy, and The Tigers Eye! Plus you get our Exotic Herbal Smokes, Tiki Tiki, Amsterdam Dreams, and Tokonut!

Check out Herbal Smoke Cafe's other herbal smoke combinations!

Remember, 100% natural and legal herbs go into our blends. JWH-073, JWH-018 or any other synthetics are NOT added to our herbal smokes!


Check out the Herbal Smoke at our Loose Smoking Herbs page!

Herbal Smoke Cafe' offers individual smoking herbs including everyones favorites, Damiana and Mullein Leaf. We have the freshest herbs in the herbal smoke community. These herbs are the highest quality, freshest, natural and pesticide free herbal smoke on the market.

Add loose herbs to your list of herbal smoke's.

Go to our Wholesale/Bulk Pricing page and find out how you can sell OUR herbal blends in YOUR store like so many across the country are doing!

Your Privacy Matters to Herbal Smoke Cafe'

Although the herbal smoke that we provide is 100% legal, many people want their order with us kept confidential and would like to make sure the package they receive from us is 100% discreet. It is Herbal Smoke Cafe's strict policy that nobody but you should be capable of identifying what you ordered. This is why there is NO mention of "HerbalSmokeCafe.com” or Herbal Smoke Cafe' anywhere on the package. This means none of your neighbors, the mail carrier, post office, or any one else will know the contents of your order or where it came from. In addition, Herbal Smoke Cafe' does not sell, trade, or share your information with anyone or any company and just to put your mind at ease, no government agency has ever asked for any information about any customer of ours or any order Herbal Smoke Cafe' has shipped too, EVER! Frankly, they probably never will. We don't even send our own customer's e-mails, special offers, sales notices or mailings of any kind unless they have signed up for the Herbal Smoke Cafe' Newsletter. Be assured your privacy does matter to Herbal Smoke cafe'! We hope you have an enjoyable visit while you're here and every time that you ever decide to stop by Herbal Smoke Cafe'!!