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About Herbal Smoking Products – The Facts

We understand there’s a lot of ‘hype’ and misinformation circulating these days regarding exotic herbs, herbal smoke, herbal smoking blends and legal herbal buds. Let’s begin by setting the record straight.

Smoking herbs have been a part of history for thousands of years. They’ve been used for ceremonial, religious and even medicinal reasons; there is nothing new about them. Ancient cultures have used herbs, and Herbal Smoke to induce relaxed or euphoric states, to enhance dreaming, and even to produce ‘visions’.

Over the past ten years or so, there’s been a widespread resurgence of interest in herbal smoking products. The harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine, coupled with routine drug testing by companies for controlled substances, has sent many people looking to history for smart alternatives to tobacco and marijuana.

Herbal smoke is not for everyone. Our goal is to provide you with real facts about smoking exotic herbs, herbal smoke, herbal smoking blends and legal herbal buds, so you can make an informed decision as to whether smoking herbs is the right choice for you.

The Facts
Probably the most important point to understand about herbal smoke blends are that they are not ‘fake’ marijuana or ‘drugs’, nor do they contain tobacco or nicotine.

Unfortunately, the term “marijuana alternatives” is often misrepresented on many herbal smoke websites. Many times, it seems they are promoting 'legal’ marijuana, or other products that mimic popular street drugs.

Marijuana is a controlled substance – and an illegal drug. All of our herbal smokes are composed of 100% Legal Herbs and natural botanicals. There are absolutely NO illegal substances sold on this website. We have not, do not, nor will we ever advocate the use of illegal substances.

What this means to you as a consumer is important. None of our products - nor those of any other legitimate herbal seller - will produce the ‘high’ effect of marijuana because they do not contain any of the chemicals (primarily THC) that cause a ‘marijuana high’.

By the same token, since you are not smoking any illegal substance – you will never test positive on a ‘drug test’.

Each herb, herbal smoke, herbal bud and herbal smoking blend has its own characteristics - meaning each will taste different and offer various effects. Some herbal smoke and herbal buds are harsh, some are strong, others are mild and smooth. Some have an ‘earthy’ taste and some are extremely pungent. Some are so different they’re hard to describe.

They only way to really know if herbal smoke is right for you is to try various types. If you know an experienced ‘herbal smoker’, then ask for their recommendations. If not, then we suggest you try one of the many ‘sampler packs available – by doing so, you’ll not only save money, you will be able to try a wide variety of herbal smokes, and find one you enjoy.

HerbalSmokeCafe.Com offers the most complete range of 100% Legal herbal Smoke and smoking blends anywhere. We also offer a selection of rare and exotic smoking herbs from around the world. If it's a superior herbal smoke, then we have it!

Why So Many Different Kinds of Herbal Smoke?
The answer is pretty straightforward – different people have different tastes – or are seeking a different effect. Some folks like Burger King, others McDonalds. In simplest terms, herbs are plants – each has a different taste, just like spinach tastes different from carrots.

Not only do different tastes come into play, the pure fact is that there are literally thousands of different herbs on this planet – and each one has unique properties and effects. Hundreds of those have desirable qualities as smoking herbs, hence the large selection available for sale.

Will This Stuff “Get Me High” ?
This is the most frequently asked question at HerbalSmokeCafe.Com – and the truth is that there is no definite “yes” or “no” answer.

As we mentioned above, loose herbs and herbal smoking blends are natural botanicals that are 100% legal – meaning they contain none of the chemicals (like THC) that produce a marijuana-like ‘high’. As such, the ‘feeling’ you get from using herbal smoke simply will never be the same as you would experience using illegal drugs.

The key point to remember is that herbal smoke is an alternative to marijuana and tobacco – not “substitutes.” We use the term alternatives to mean you can use our herbal smoke products instead of using an illegal substance like marijuana or instead of using tobacco products - that's all.

Additionally, the effects will vary greatly from person-to-person, simply because everyone is physiologically different. Just like some people can eat spicy food; while others can’t. Each individual will have a different reaction to Herbal Smoke.

Another significant factor that often comes into play is if an individual is a current user of marijuana or other controlled substances. Many frequent marijuana smokers turn to herbal smoke products to avoid the hassles associated with using illegal drugs. Quite often, they’re sorely disappointed, as their expectations of a "marijuana high" simply aren’t met.

Simply put - natural, legal smoking herbs do not contain the very (illegal) substances that produce a ‘marijuana high’. As such, there is no way herbal smoking blends can produce that same effect.

So if a person is a current user of any street drugs or illegal substances, they’ll likely be extremely disappointed.

The good news is that if it’s been awhile since you last smoked marijuana - or never have - you will most likely thoroughly enjoy our products. We can say with certainty we get countless numbers of reorders from our customers who get pleasure from our herbal smoke products.

To get a better feel for the products we offer, check out the customer feedback section of this site.

Why HerbalSmokeCafe.com?
HerbalSmokeCafe.Com buys direct from herb farmers, and international wholesalers from around the world. Because of these exclusive relationships, we’re able offer the highest quality, most effective, strongest, and potent herbal smoke products on the market. Many of the products in our line have long-standing and well-documented histories - and solid reputations as the best herbal smokes out there. Our incredible buying power allows us to purchase at prices unmatched by other herbal smoke suppliers. As always, we pass these savings on to our customers.

In addition, we listen to our customers. Our regulars provide incredible feedback and tell us exactly what they like about our offerings. Admittedly, we’re obsessed with quality - and leave no stone unturned researching and locating the herbal smoke/b> that we sell.

And if by chance one of our new products doesn’t ‘measure up’ – we discontinue it and remove it from our website - because we know that’s what our customers want and expect – and we respect their judgment.

In Summary
The vast majority of people who try herbal smokes find them to be extremely enjoyable, fulfilling and tremendously satisfying. A small minority of people do not feel herbal smokes are what they thought it would be, and are disappointed.

I think this is about as complete and honest an explanation as we can offer.

If you’re in the majority of people who enjoy our products, we’re looking forward to serving you as a long-term customer – many times over. We believe our commitment to supplying the best herbal smoke and our dedication to you will win you over to HerbalSmokeCafe.Com now and into the future.

Many thanks for your interest and time!

The herbs, herbal smoke, herbal buds and herbal smoking blends we sell are NOT intended for illegal use. TO PLACE AN ORDER WITH US YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. ANY violations of this policy will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy. Smoking by Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, and Low Birth Weight. Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health. Herbal Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide.

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